Summary of 2017 By-Law Changes

Summary of 2017 Changes to AMC NH Chapter By-Laws

Removed meeting notice responsibility from Chapter Secretary, to reflect current practice.
Clarified language of electronic voting process.
References new ExComm Standing Rules.
Loosened language regarding Chapter meetings, to reflect current practice.
Trimmed minutia from Programs committee description.
Young Members committee now named Twenties and Thirties committee.
Minor updates to language use, punctuation, and numbering.


Respectfully submitted,
2017 AMC NH By-Laws Committee

Bill Warren
NH Chapter Chair 2015-2017
Eric Savage
NH Chapter Chair 2009-2011
Paul Berry
NH Chapter Chair 2007-2009
Wayne Goertel, By-Laws Committee Chair
NH Chapter Chair 2013-2015


Proposed By-Laws approved unanimiously by the AMC NH Excecutive Committee, Sept 7, 2017.

Posted to NH Chapter website on Sept 23, 2017.

Approved at the Annual Meeting, Oct 28, 2017.

Please contact Wayne Goertel with any questions about the By-Laws.

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