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The New Hampshire Chapter began as the Merrimack Valley Chapter. We're the second largest AMC chapter with over 10,000 members. Our well-trained and dedicated leaders offer hundreds of trips and activities each year including Biking, Hiking, Paddling, Skiing, Climbing, Trail Work, Conservation, Instruction and Programs.

Our Chapter Brochure

Here is our NH Chapter brochure. Take a look. It is beautiful. We've printed a good number for you to hand out. Contact the membership chair if you need a bunch for an event. You can also use this file to print out your own if you need some. Thank you Steph!

Executive Committee Members

New Hampshire AMC Chapter Officers and contact information is listed in the Executive Committee Members Directory

NH Chapter Volunteers

The New Hampshire Chapter is fortunate to have many dedicated volunteers with wide and varied interests. Without these volunteers, the Chapter could not bring you the many programs and activities that we do. Many of our volunteers are leaders. You will find them under each activity group. Others choose to contribute in other ways. Here you will find NH Chapter Volunteers that contribute in other ways.

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

We are now posting the AMC NH Chapter Executive Committee Meeting Minutes.

Annual Reports

2017 Ninety-Seventh Annual Report (.pdf) & Cover (.pdf)
2016 Ninety-Sixth Annual Report (.pdf)
2015 Ninety-Fifth Annual Report (.pdf) & Cover (.pdf)
2014 Ninety-Fourth Annual Report (.pdf) & Cover (.pdf)
2013 Ninety-Third Annual Report (.pdf) & Cover (.pdf)
2012 Ninety-Second Annual Report (.pdf) & Cover (.pdf)
2011 Ninety-First Annual Report (.pdf)
2010 Ninetieth Annual Report (.pdf)
2009 Eighty-Ninth Annual Report (.pdf)
2008 Eighty-Eighth Annual Report (.pdf)
2007 Eighty-Seventh Annual Report (.pdf)
2006 Eighty-Sixth Annual Report (.pdf)

2004 Eighty-Fourth Annual Report (.pdf)

1976 Fifty-Sixth Annual Report (.pdf)
1975 Fifty-Fifth Annual Report (.pdf)

1973 Fifty-Third Annual Report (.pdf)
1972 Fifty-Second Annual Report (.pdf)
1971 Fifty-First Annual Report (.pdf)

Current NH Chapter Bylaws

Bylaws are the internal operating rules of the Chapter. The Bylaws govern such matters as holding meetings, voting, quorums, elections, and the executive committee powers.

Current Chapter Bylaws - Approved October 2017 - Summary of Changes

Bylaws Archive

Chapter Bylaws - Approved October 2015
Chapter Bylaws - Approved November 2012
Chapter Bylaws - Approved October 2008
Chapter Bylaws - Approved October 2007

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