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Excursions - Over 55 Group

The Excursions Committee’s Over 55 Group offers trips that typically are to destinations other than the Four Thousand Footers of the White Mountains. Usually these hikes are at a moderate or leisurely pace, and will appeal to people of varying levels of ability, and may include anything from level trails to mountain summits.
Our trips will offer snowshoe hikes in the winter, and will include some instructional and educational material regarding safety, proper gear selection, management of your gear during a hike, and trail and outdoors “etiquette.”
Depending on the hike and the participants, leaders may give participants suggestions about trail guides and maps, the use of map and compass, and the special demands that both cold weather and hot, humid weather impose.
You needn’t be over 55 years old to join in. In fact, many participants are younger, and some people try our group as an introduction to the NH Chapter’s more strenuous trips.
All the O 55 hikes are led by qualified NH Chapter Excursions leaders, and all participants are screened prior to the hike to make sure that the hike is a good fit for the hiker.
Please email us if you have questions
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Get Involved!

We welcome you to the group. Come out and join us. We've got nothing to prove but having a good time.

Patty Anderson
Over 55 Group Co-Chair
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