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Paddling Leaders


We'd love to have you come paddle with us and welcome you to the group.
Our trip leaders and instructors would like to introduce themselvesÖ

For more information see the NHAMCPaddlers website.


Here are a few of our paddling leaders ... (Also check out their picture galleries)
(Leaders: We welcome including you here. You may also include a gallery. Contact the Webmaster.)

Lost Lens Rapid, Contoocook River,
November 2003
Allan Berggren
Took first AMC WW Course paddling solo whitewater canoe in 1994, then went over to the dark side of microcreeks and Downtown Sugar River in Claremont. Has only paddled 25% of his 75 years. Teaches roll class at Goodwin Community Center in Claremont, NH Chainsaws strainers from Redwater Brook in Claremont Biggest adventure: Big Branch of Otter Creek in western VT. Comment of paddler when emerged from Agers Falls on the Moose River in NY and came up on the 4th roll attempt: "I see why you wear a face mask, shoulder, elbow and knee pads and gloves."

Wonalancet River, 2009
Bill Burke
Primarily paddles open canoes but has been sighted in a kayak occasionally. Enjoys challenging technical rivers and teaching swiftwater rescue skills. Off the river works as a Firefighter/EMT and as a professional mariner. Likes to see the "I get it!" grin on new paddlers faces.

Calmly surfing a wave with his daughter
Fife Brook Section, Deerfield River, MA, May 2008
Conrad Nuthmann
AMC Whitewater Paddling School was the best thing that ever happened to Conrad some twenty years ago. He spent a dozen or so years paddling an open canoe until his daughter was getting big enough to paddle a kayak. Conrad paddles both kinds of boats now in all kinds of weather, and Jessie the teenager still paddles with her Dad. Paddling whitewater is still his passion! He likes to run rivers with lots of "features" and surfing opportunities, but at least once a year he'll go to the ocean for some surf kayaking.

The “Dumplings,” West River, VT
September 28, 2014
Dan Corey
Started paddling with the NH AMC to gain more whitewater skills. Danís passionate about paddling, especially whitewater. He paddles open canoes primarily and loves to talk about paddling experiences. Some of his favorite rivers are the West, lower Winni, and the Deerfield Dryway.

Denise Carter
Denise Carter
is a year-round outdoor enthusiast who loves a challenge. She has traveled far and wide, but her heart is in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. She would love to get you out! there to experience and appreciate the beauty of our State and to be inspired to preserve it for future generations.!

Ipswich River by Dan St. Pierre
Denise HurtDenise’s Gallery
Denise got hooked on paddling back around 1995 when she hopped into a little Keowee rec boat on Blue Mountain Lake in the Adirondacks. She has now paddled year-round during every month of the year, with her new goal being never to miss a month on the water again. Her preference for flat water makes it easy for her to indulge another of her loves, photography. If anyone expresses even the slightest interest in paddling she's willing to load on an extra boat and take them to a local pond or river to try it out! Denise’s Gallery

Pemigewasset River, Rapid at Route 49 Bridge takeout
May 9, 2009
Dick Morin
Loves to paddle whitewater but his true passion is for wilderness expedition trips. He thanks the NHAMC paddlers for teaching him the tandem canoe skills to go on such expeditions to such places as the Elk and Thelon Rivers in NWT & Nunavut, Wind and Peel Rivers in the Yukon, and even the excitement of canoeing the Grand Canyon as well as the "local" rivers such as the St. John and the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. He loves to teach new paddlers. Dick is a true gentleman of the river, a joy to paddle beside.

Kazan River, Nunavut
July 16, 2008
Jason Little
Is a wilderness tripper, backpacker, and skier, who began excursions at a very young age. He has paddled Canadian Arctic rivers, and waters in Maine, Montana, the Everglades, and Costa Rica. In addition to paddling and poling, Jason enjoys teaching and meeting new friends of all ages. All of his four sons and wife are avid paddlers, who have completed numerous family adventures.

Casco Bay en route to Eagle Island
Jerry SmithJerry’s Gallery
AMC Member since 1990. NH AMC Sea Kayak Trip Leader since 2005. Registered Maine Sea Kayak Guide, ACA Certified Coastal Kayak Trip Leader, Former PSIA Alpine Ski Instructor, Former Bicycle Trip Leader. Loves to teach people to roll. Jerry’s Gallery

Pemigewasset River, 2013
John Pilla
John was introduced to paddling by a friend from his church back in 2006. He and his wife then rented from EMS that summer and knew they found their passion. They researched and then purchased their two Wilderness Tsunami 140 kayaks that fall. On one trip in early 2007,they ran into some paddlers and learned of AMC and NH AMC Paddlers. John became a flat/quiet water leader for NH AMC Paddlers in 2008.

He (with his wife, Linda) have been leading and paddling ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams ever since. John gets excited abut introducing paddling to others and he runs the Summer Wednesday Evening Recreation paddling series. In the winter he can be found hiking and snow shoeing our beautiful state. Oh, and he is also a (NH-AMC) Bicycle ride leader, too.

Seboomook section of the Penobscot River at 500cfs, August 2010
Julie Smith
Enjoys going down the river rather than park and play. Organizes an annual cleanup on the Souhegan River. Loves introducing new paddlers to the joys of whitewater with her great smile. As a hiker, she is working on the Catskill 3500' Mountains after completing the New England & NY 4000'ers as well as the New England 100 highest.

Piscataquag River
Fall Drawdown Dam Release
(his wife, Debbie, paddling bow)
October 31, 2009
Kerry Frazier
Loves to paddle with his wife, Debbie. Their tradition of Androscoggin River Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends bring lots of paddlers together for great paddling, fun and great food. Proud to be a leader, he likes to help out with the Whitewater School and enjoys meeting new paddlers.

Madawaska River, Ontario, Canada
Celebrating the 4th of July 2012
Marcy Stanton
Loves the challenge of whitewater. She sometimes paddles a canoe but is much more comfortable in a kayak ... besides it is easier to carry!

She very much enjoys the comraderie of the paddling group and likes to encourage others to paddle with us.

Snubbing down Third Pitch Rapid
Mattawamkeag River
Maine, 2010. Photo by Tom Wahle
Marshall MooreMarshall’s Gallery
Loves expedition paddling into the far north of the Canadian shield and barren lands. He enjoys traditional paddling styles and is happy chatting for hours on the merits of various paddle designs and their manufacture. Marshall competes in ACA poling races as well as enthusiastically gives instruction in the traditional and modern poling techniques such as those used by the voyagers who explored and traded in the Canadian northwest. Every Summer will find him straining against his tumpline as he portages into the next watershed or past the falls. Although it requires a little effort to get one, his campfire meals are not to be missed.  Marshall’s Gallery

Winnipesaukee River
NHAMC Paddlers NOC Clinic
May 15, 2011
Patty Anderson
HikerPatty is her handle but she is an enthusiastic paddler and paddling leader. She brings a great enthusiasm and her distinctive laughter to any activity. Oh, yes, she is also an excursions hiking leader.

Sugar River, Newport
April ?, 200?
Paul Berry
Started paddling in 1967. Started leading AMC Paddling Trips and teaching in 1985. Loves to paddle tandem or solo open canoe from easy to class IV water. Also love to talk with people about paddling 603 423 1192

Housatonic River, August 2009
Phil Sego
Has been paddling quiet water, tidal rivers, and remote lakes, seeking wilderness and natural beauty. "It just doesn't get better than waking up to the sound of loons on a glass-smooth lake." He paddles tandem canoe, solo kayak, sit-on-top, or, as he puts it, anything that floats. He especially welcomes new members on his trips.

Knubble Bay, Maine
Sea Kayak Training Weekend
August 14, 2010
Robin DiamondRobin’s Gallery
Has more than a decade of paddling experience. Initially self-taught, but has taken some organized training (level I & II), and has a lot of practice on Casco Bay and Portsmouth NH. She is also an active skier and cyclist and brings those skills to sea kayaking ... "Itís all connected", she claims. She likes paddling with others that can challenge her. She has made many friends through the NHAMC Paddlers on the trips she leads and attends and at the annual Knubble Bay sea kayaking training weekend she organizes. She has found NHAMC Paddlers is a great group to find other people with similar interests.  Robin’s Gallery

Tweedle Dum Rapid,
Saco River, NH, 2007
Rod DoreRod’s Gallery
Rod has been paddling for over 30 years. He often paddled solo on local rivers until he found the AMC Paddlers club to share his passion.

Now a well seasoned leader, he loves to share the rivers with both new and experienced paddlers. The smaller rivers have been his favorites where you can always see new things around the next corner as the river meanders.

He paddles rivers with difficulties from flatwater to class IV rapids. Rod still paddles the local rivers and leads mostly day trips. He will be seen paddling canoes (tandem or solo), kayaks (hard shell, sit on top or inflatable) or rafts.

Its the river and the camaraderie that counts. SYOTR (see you on the rivers) Rod’s Gallery

Cabin Gorge, Swift River, NH
Tom Sawyer
AMC Whitewater Paddling Leader for 10 years. Paddles Class IV Whitewater as well as long distance expeditions in the South, Northeast and Canada, recently doing the Northern Forest Canoe trail from Old Forge, NY, to Swanton, VT. Loves teaching new paddlers.

Poling on the Wind River, Yukon
July 27, 2010
Tom ToddTom’s Gallery
"Go Placidly Among Raging Waters"
Prior to taking the NH AMC whitewater school in '89, his idea of whitewater paddling was paddle fast and bail at the bottom. The whitewater course turned him around, literally, developing a new passion for the sport which he loves to share with others. After paddling his canoe down the Grand Canyon in '99, he gathered his new paddling friends and took them down. He paddles expeditions in Quebec, Labrador, Yukon, Nunavut.  Tom’s Gallery

Pemigewasset River, North Woodstock
(with husband Dick paddling bow)
May 9, 2009
Verniel Morin
Loves paddling with her husband Dick, although she doesn't like it when he takes her for a swim (rarely). She generally paddles stern in the whitewater. She has canoed the Grand Canyon and the Coppermine, NWT. She is a wonderful cook. On an expedition, her turkey terrific is a meal eagerly anticipated. A real sweetie, Verniel is known for handing out mini Hersey bars at the end of a day's paddle.

We hope you enjoyed meeting us in virtual space ...
 Now come and meet us in the real world ...
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